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The Incredible Picture Post

May 1, 2010

Hello Everyone,

So it’s about time I put up another nice sit-and-look post.  Some of these I’m sure you’ve seen before, but since I’ve stumbled across a basic photo editing program these should all be improved, if not new.  Hope you enjoy them!

There have been some developments over the past few days that are worth talking about so check back again in a few days to hear about what happens after all this diving business.  Cheers.


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  1. Victoria permalink

    The pictures are great! I love that you got to see a turtle. Well I mean, I’m sure you’ve seen several, but I’m glad you put up a picture of one!! I was tempted to start quoting all kinds of movie lines from the sea turtle scenes in ‘Finding Nemo’. haha

  2. Natasha permalink

    ah your photos are amazing! why were the turtles hiding for me!

    • haha, too bad, I saw 3 on my next dive! jk. Tell me about a dive you’ve made (you’ll make) since ko tao. cheers

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