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Worst post ever

February 9, 2010

Hey everyone, this one is a disappointment.  I’ll finish the Laos story either tomorrow or the next night and add a proper update.  I’m finishing an Open Water course tomorrow morning and then starting a Rescue in the afternoon.  It’s been busy.  Check back soon!


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  1. Scott permalink


    Hope you’re keeping it real and having fun over seas. By the sounds of your adventures, that seems to be the case…though admittedly, I sometimes get confused by the diver lingo.

    Exciting News: “On the Way” has made it into a local, K-W film festival. It’s not Sundance or anything, but it’s exciting all the same. We could even win some cash and the film will probably be watched by a couple hundred people.

    I’ll keep you posted – let me know if this sounds like something your family would want to check see their son/brother/etc. on the big screen… and I could pass along the details.


    PS- as you know, Drew has a son now….that’s 1 more child than when you left the country. Times are a changin’.

    • Dude, definitely. I gave my folks your gmail account, I’m sure they’d be interested. Congrats on the entry dude – I’m not sure what’s involved at all but that sounds amazing. Keep me posted on how it works out.

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