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Easy come, sandals go

January 17, 2010

It seems everything comes and goes in cycles around here.  The intensity of work, money in – money out, the water visibility, even footwear.  I came to Ko Tao with black Birks, now I have brown ones.  I was sitting in an internet cafe and when I emerged I looked around for my sandals until it occurred to me they had been exchanged.  Brown, beaten down birks one size smaller than my own.  sunnofabitch.  Ah well.
I’ve had to invest in a new cell phone.  My phone made the poor decision of waiting to be used in the pocket of my board shorts when the long tail boat came into shore.  I made the poor decision of jumping into the water with said shorts on.  sunnofabitch.  At first I thought I dodged the bullet because the phone was still lit up and functional.  I made the proper decision of putting it in a safe, dry place and went about my business unloading the boat and sorting out my students.  Well so much for good decisions – I’m sitting down about to thoroughly enjoy my dinner when I pull out my phone and am shocked and hurt when I see the screen is as black as the cloud descending upon me.  Not only that but the USB port is literally oozing some sort of salty film and along with it any redemption of function.  I would have been merely irritated but disaster struck during the 4-6pm time period when freelancers usually get hired for the next day.  Business had been rather slow the last couple days so I was particularly distraught when I couldn’t receive calls and then when the idea of having to establish a new number and notify 25 shops and have them amend my file made me want to collapse into my delicious, though now totally unappealing dinner.  Like a desperate doctor, determined not to lose my patient I began pulling apart anything and everything with a toothpick from the napkin stand.  Anyway, the patient didn’t make it by a long shot and I’ve since replaced it with a new phone from the “you stupid idiot fund”.  I hate that one.  Thankfully the SIM card survived so I’ve retained my contacts but more importantly – they’ve retained me.

Business is picking right up again, I’m glad to say.  I have a new Open Water course starting tomorrow and I’m off in the morning so I hoping to make it to Chumphon Pinnacle for some pics of Bull Sharks.  Unfortunately, once I took the OW job I took a call asking if I could do a Deep and Nitrox specialty for two students starting the same day.  Blast, I’d have loved to give a Nitrox course.  Ah well, the season is still getting warmed up – maybe I’ll get lucky.
My new place is coming along.  I’ve had to make adjustments – I detached the mirror from my dresser and taped it to the inside of the wall in my bathroom ‘cubicle’.  It’s actually much more secure than it sounds and at least now I can shave without having to splash stubble water all over the freaking place.  I’ve also shoveled out the back of my drain pipe so water can flow freely now.  I’m confident I’ve finally eliminated the lingering family of mosquitoes inside my net over my bed.  Crafty little buggers never seem to really disappear.
I had another top shelf student just a few days ago.  I was likened to a superhero in my wetsuit and boots.  More importantly, they secretly paid off my tab at the shop I was working at, to my delight when I found out hours later.  Lucky for her, it was only about two days old.  Besides bloating my self-worth, they were also a solid diver.  Thanks Jess, if you’re reading this.

I’m off.  Thanks for keeping up.


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  1. Wendy Vlasic permalink

    Neat stories and excellent title! Sorry to hear about your luck though. The trials of travelling and working in a different world! Stay safe.

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