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Fetchez la vache!

December 16, 2009

Oh man, Bangkok Dangerous lives to see another day!  Thanks to your votes, we’ve pushed on to the semis.  That’s pretty cool – thanks for the support.  Now do it again!

Ko Tao is swell.  I’m really busy – I’ve been diving every single day, as much as 4 dives is some cases.  The certifications are beginning to add up as well.  I just finished a PADI Open Water class of 6 this week, 2 SSI Open Waters yesterday and today I started an Advanced SSI class with 4 students.  Instructing is definitely more fun than simply leading dives.  I’ve instituted “beer fines”, which is something I first picked up in Vietnam.  Basically if you exhibit a bad habit, call something improper like your fins ‘flippers’ or do something stupid, you get fined a beer.  One of my last students accidently dropped a yoke screw from the first stage of a regulator (look it up) over board while setting up their gear.  That was a big beer fine.  It’s been paying off in spades, I’ve barely had to pay for a beer at all this week.  The English are the worst for calling it ‘goggles’ or ‘flippers’.  Tsk.  I get paid in real money in a couple days and then I might actually crack my wallet for something other than food or beer when my students behave themselves.  I think maybe a hammock.  Or a bath mat – I never thought I might miss one.  One of my mates has a pet bird, but I dunno.  No animal digs a cage and besides, there’s the Thai ‘variety pack’ that seems to occupy various spots of my bungalow anyway.  I thought about naming that big gecko (I think it’s a gecko?) but I wouldn’t want to become too attached. 

It’s amazing what you’ll do in the absence of television.  A couple nights ago before going to bed, I watched a little pouncing spider take about 4 minutes to patiently stalk a fly that was cruising around my night stand before leaping out and delivering swift wild kingdom action.  It was great, I was happy for it.  I expect the geckos were as well.  What little television I watch is usually when I have dinner at this one restaurant which has an all English Football channel.  I’m getting used to it, and the goals are impressive however it’s all true what they say – Football players are the biggest group of delicate over actors to indignify professional sports with gross embellished falls.  In hockey, if you took falls like that and refused to get up off the ice, either Don Cherry would rip you a new one or you’d get smacked with an octopus.  Probably.  Have you seen how hard rugby players crash into each other?  Not only that, but looking pretty seems to be important as well.  I think the only time hockey was pretty was when Doug Gilmor was still doing Head and Shoulders commercials.  Ovie said so himself “my face not good for photograph”.  The fans don’t mind, dude and neither do the chicks.

I went to a ‘Castle Party’ a few nights ago, which is mostly a bash at a bar called Castle, which is appropriately themed.  I ran into a couple of french guys there – at the Castle Party -, who wound up trading insults back and forth.  Not being able to resist, I asked one of them to say “Fetchez la vache!” Luckily, he had seen Holy Grail, hammed it up (said something about ‘swallows’ in french but could have been totally unrelated) and a good time was had by all.  Except for two guys, one who threw up his good time all over some other guy’s motorbike.  Their night was considerably less.

Well thanks again for your votes and I hope you cast again to see how far we can fly this turkey.  The link can be followed here:

Vote today!


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  1. jenny mook-sang permalink

    thanks again for the entertainment ben.
    rooting for you in the blog awards–and voting too.

  2. jenny mook-sang permalink

    CONGRATS ben!!!
    your blog came in 5th in the finals
    (i thought i deserved first, myself).
    way to go!!!

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