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Hard part’s over

November 9, 2009

So I got a job (STEVE HOLT!!).  What a weight off my shoulders.  At least when you job hunt here, everyone is with a 10 minute walk of each other.  The place is called Island Divers ( and it’s located on Ko Phi Phi.  It’s a mad place to live.  Probably the most young-crowd tourist place I’ve ever been in my life.  I can’t tell you how many tribal arm tats I’ve seen.   You can walk a circle around the entire town in less than 15 minutes.  I have a room I’m staying in now, about a 8 minute walk outta the madness.  It’s a bright orange bungalow on the side of a hill.  I’m pretty happy with it – it’s among the cheapest places to live for more than a week and you can’t beat the view.  That being said, it’s also more expensive than my rent when I was living on Amos, in Waterloo.   $400 bucks a month.  dammit.  The saving grace is that I’ll actually earn money working here.  You work like a dog, but at least it pays.  It has to, to keep anyone.  Food is pretty cheap, but I’d say everything is about twice as expensive as Ko Lanta, an hour + half ferry ride away.

I took my first dives today.  Saw four Hawksbill Sea Turtles today.  Lake Erie gobies just don’t cut it.  The water is 29-30 degrees and is expected to hold through February.  I almost feel guilty writing this.  If you fancy yourself a dive pro on the Western side, do yourself a favor and learn another language.  The first thing anyone asks of you when you say you’re an instructor is how many languages do you speak?  Had I seen myself here however many years ago, grade 9 french would have gone over a little differently.  The place i’m working at is actually hoping for me to pick up what little french I have so I can chat customers up on the boat a little bit.  I don’t expect to have to instruct in it, though.  The work is out there, either way.  I came to Phi Phi, got hired the same day and turned down 3 freelance phone calls the same night.  The language thing is your golden ticket, though.  That and a banging, hollywood island helps.  Still lots of wrinkles to iron out before things are firing on all pistons.  I need more insurance, cross-overs, sort of another language, etc.  I also need dinner so I’m off.  Drop me a line anytime and get thinking about your next vacation?


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  1. Cameron permalink

    STEVE HOLT, very nice to hear about a job and and house, maybe i should come visit, but i don’t think i’ll be learning any new languages for the vist 😀

  2. Alex Moore permalink

    Hey Ben.
    Glad to hear your safe and having a great time.
    If you need any help with french don’t hesitate to shoot me an email. Steph and I are bilingual

  3. Alison Morin permalink

    We are enjoying your adventures. I’ve got a Book CD on how to Learn French (just enough to get by), which your Mom is going to copy and send to you with your care package. I’m sure you will be “Parlez vous Francais?” along with the best of them in no time. You’ll learn important phrases like “Where can I go to dance” and “Is there a good bar nearby? Couldn’t believe how warm the water is! Take care. The Morin’s

  4. jenny mook-sang permalink

    way to go, ben.

  5. Scott permalink

    …and the memories of FR 151 rear their ugly head.

    Congrats on the job dude.

  6. Steph M. permalink

    Hi Ben,

    Wow I had no idea you would be this quick with your posts….boy am I impressed!! Glad you are having such an amazing time….I am beyond jealous by the way….and OF COURSE you would end up in the one place I have always wanted to see!!

    Great news for you that you got a job…you can imagine my disapointment in hoping to have you back here in Burlington…hahahahaha

    Miss you buddy, Burlington is not the same without you!!!

  7. Marn permalink

    Ben – we are reading your blog over breakfast, sounds like you are settling in to a good start – find a cheaper place to live, but more than worrying about coming home with money, make enough to live and have a really good time away!

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