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Job hunt, day 2

November 7, 2009

I’m finally over my jet lag and ready to give a full effort job hunting.  It’s not easy.  I’m in Ko Lanta now and have a cheap little bungalow not far from the beach and a day-by-day motorbike rental.  Thanks again to the Mcleans for getting myself in gear when I arrived in Bangkok.

I took the night train from Bangkok to a town called Trang some 14 hours away.  It was pouring rain when I got there and didn’t really stop until last night.  From Trang I took a minibus to the Lanta ferry service and got dropped off in Bin Saladan.  I poked my head in the first half dozen shops or so along the strip and while I had informative talks, nothing resembling a job.  Tourism has been punched in the gut in this town.  They say it should be jumping but I didn’t see a single customer in anyone’s shop all of yesterday.  I’m not too discouraged – I’ve made good impressions on everyone I’ve met, or so I figure.  I actually contributed to a ‘business’ discussion with some of the owners over iced coffee.  To be honest, I don’t expect to stick around for long.  I’ve been told, if I can hold out with my patience for another couple weeks it’s more likely to be a bang deal but I’m not holding my breath.  I see myself here for another few days so I can exhaust the job hunt and then I expect to take the ferry to Ko Phi Phi, which is a more conventional tourist town (where The Beach was filmed).  Also Ko Tao is apparently banging comparatively, despite November being a weak month.

Ko Lanta on the other hand is beautiful.  Long white beaches with rocky, green mountains behind.  Locals are easy to get along with and help out however they can.  It’s just a shame the divers aren’t as interested.  The water is quite warm right now, probably high 20s.  I haven’t been out on a dive yet and nor will I expect to until I find someone to pay me to do it.  It’s quite a bit more expensive compared to Vietnam and Ko Lanta is on the higher end of things compared to the rest of Thailand.  The food and lodging is cheap (and real nice) but again, without some kind of income, everything is expensive.

I’d like to be taking more photos to put up here, but one, I am rather preoccupied – I find it’s hard to relax and play tourist when you have that little bit of pressure on you – and two, my charger is sitting at home in Burlington.  I’ll sort that out in good time, not to worry.  I’m off, so wish me luck.


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