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Over one hurdle

November 5, 2009

Well I made it to Bangkok, no worse for wear. 

 Flying is a pain, I was a bit of a scatter brain coming into Thailand.  The seat belt light came on and next thing I know we hit a touch of turbulence.  No, turns out the plane had just landed.  Ahh.
I got a cab from the bottom floor, and gave the queue manager my address.  My ride was a hot pink Mitsubishi Lancer, complete with a spoiler and racing decals.  The driver was eager to show off his sweet interior with a black light and blue flourescent seat covers.  The word ‘stains’ quickly came to mind as I thought of things to otherwise occupy myself.  The conversation had was comical.  I spoke zero Thai and he spoke zero plus one English.  Basically we took turns calling out the different cars that went by. 
“Yeah, the Germans make a nice car.”
He taught me some colours in Thai, but I can hardly remember them let alone spell it.  We got a little lost on the way to the house so I asked to borrow his phone and after some dodgy over-the-phone navigation we made it to the Mclean’s.    Super nice people from Burlington, they’ve helped me get my footing since arriving. 

Today, the plan is to do a few errands, maybe get a phone and see what the local dive shops have to say about heading south.  This afternoon, I’ll probably catch a train to take me to Trang and from there to Ko Lanta.  After that, it’ll be time to find a job.

The stay over in Vancouver was great- it was exactly what I needed before leaving Canada.  My good mate, Chris Holton put me up in the basement appartment he shares with his roommate, Kaylie.  I spent most the day walking up an down Broadway shopping around.  I’d describe Vancouver as both lush and upbeat.  Local media was interesting.  I noticed that locals seem to be more proactive politically and engaged in their commmunity.  Public spending is a big deal and there were endless opinions/critiques of the olympics.  That night, Chris, Kaylie, a bunch of Chris’s friends from Whistler and I went out for beers downtown.  Grubby bar, but hilarity ensued. 


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  1. Diane permalink

    Glad to hear you landed safely and are ready to embark on your next adventure…..enjoy. Christmas has fully arrived at the greenhouse..Oh joy!
    Take care

  2. Scott permalink

    Good luck friend. Happy to hear that you survived the flight.

    Rest assured that I’ve nerded out and subscribed to your RSS feed…so I’ll be following a long (vicariously?) every step of the way.


  3. Cameron permalink

    Hey Ben, glad to hear you got there safely and all that fun stuff. Disaster struck at the shop with the car but it was hilarious. Okay, i’ll setup the shop as it was when Trueman and I began today work. There was his car between the car hoist pillars on the right. there was no cars behind us or in the car hoist on the left but there was a Chevy Impala jacked up behind the left car hoist. There was enough room for Trueman’s car to sneak into the other car hoist and that was the goal for today. We had to move it over because the other hoist was needed and were done on his car for now. So after a few minutes of debate on who was going to steer and who was going to push, i hoped in the Driver seat after explaining to Trueman that i actually know how to drive and he finally agreed on this. Trueman began to push me back and i’m steering to line the car up with the gap between the Impala and the car hoist while simultaneously ignoring the steering instructions from Trueman that are not only wrong but quite annoying. Pretty soon and without incident i had it mostly in the car hoist on the left but then Trueman decides that he wants to steer for that last part because is failing really badly at pushing the car (hes a big sissy.) When hes ready i start to push the car backwards towards the Impala so he can straighten it out and park it nicely but as it would seem, fate had a different idea of where the car was going to stop and by what means. So i’m pushing it backwards with a bit too much gusto and it becomes apparent that its going to hit the Impala quite quickly and hard. The car is heading straight for the Impala and i’m shouting at Trueman to use the hand brake immediately but no, he turns around instead to see what were about to hit. He sees the Impala towering above him and he just raises his arm towards it with his palm facing it thinking that his hand that is no where even close to the car will stop it while shouting NO at the top of his voice. The triumph hits the Impala and the left taillight explodes and send pieces flying and we just sat there in silence. After a few moments i move around the car to look at what just happened and the taillight cover is completely busted but that’s about it. Trueman joins me at the scene of the crash and i apologize a bunch of times but also blame him for not using the brakes and we basically argue for a few seconds and i say its his fault because i didn’t hit anything while i steered and he accused me for pushing to hard, then he says it doesn’t matter because a new cover only costs about 6$ and i’ll pay for it but when i try to explain to him where he screwed up by not using the hand brake OR the foot brakes that work he burst into hysterical laughter. Mr. Richardson soon arrives and he asks what happens and Trueman’s tells him that we ran into the Impala he just looks amused and when i tell him that Trueman attempted to stop the car he starts laughing and i start to laugh again. After i’ve calmed down a bit i ask what happened to the damn bumper? We start to laugh all over again. The whole event was just absolutely hilarious and i didn’t accomplish much for the rest of class.

    Anyway its great to hear that your safe and everything and have an idea of what to do next, hope to hear more from you soon.


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